A sophomore misses having an unlimited meal plan during freshman year. Photo by Billy Kyle.

The first day of SJU, can be nerve wracking for freshman. One question already answered is about the food. Sure the quality isn’t five star, but the quantity is unlimited. I hope you packed sweatpants, because freshman fifteen is coming.

Kidding aside, the first year unlimited meal plan makes life easier. With the philosophy of “free food”, it’s easy to indulge. The unlimited meal plan lets you stroll into Campion whenever, but after freshman year, sophomores are stranded.

We interviewed four returning sophomores to see how they’ve adapted to different eating arrangements. We discovered their meal plans, and their opinions, range greatly.

Caroline Veschi, an accounting major says, “I don’t have a meal plan, but I use DB and hawk cash.” When asked why she replied, “It ultimately saves money and I didn’t like the food.” On top of missing the cookies, Veschi misses the lively social aspect. Similarly, Lauren Thompson, a double major in accounting and international business, says there are things she too, misses. “Definitely for the social standpoint and seeing people. Being in co-op, I don’t have a regular class schedule so I don’t see my friends much.” Thompson denied a plan because of her gluten intolerance. “Campion could never cater to my gluten allergies. Now my work provides a lunch for me, other than that I get groceries and cook for myself.”   

As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees. Buying groceries and meals can add up, making pockets dry out. As we’ve seen in our interviews, some might not mind this new lifestyle. It can be freeing, since students can cook whatever they want.

Grocery shopping allows students to chose what they eat, but the cost can add up.Photo by Billy Kyle

A student shares his opinions of having a limited meal plan: “In all honesty, it’s not a big deal. I never liked the unlimited meal plan and thought the food didn’t taste good.” Alex Smith, an undecided business major continues: “I have the 75-meal swipe a semester, it breaks down to about 4 times a week.” Smith’s reasoning was because he can’t cook. Similar to Smith, Mark Pointek, an undecided business major, has the 12-swipe per week meal plan.“There hasn’t been much adjusting because I usually eat twice a day, so it’s no big deal.” Pointek continues, “On one end, in campion I was more limited in my options. Now, I can make what I want, when I want.” When asked why he chose this arrangement, Pointek said “Because my mom picked it.”

Campion isn’t the greatest, but the convenience is unbeatable. An unlimited meal plan freshmen year can mean more than food; it helps you see friends, sunshine, and leave your room. These sophomores found a way to endure the limited plans. Even if our moms chose them.

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