Student taking their dog for a walk during the nice, summer weather.
Photo Credit: Kelly McCormick

Summer is just around the corner; the rush of finals is coming to an end which means that it is that time of year where we can look forward to our stress levels going down in anticipation of that summer feeling of being free! Summer is the best time for students to engage in their favorite hobbies that they do not have time for during the school year or to pick up some new hobbies they have been wanting to try.  We set out to discover what some Saint Joseph’s University students like to do in the summertime to relieve stress, as well as their personal recommendations for new activities to try out.  

A common response from students was riding their bikes and reading.  Biking is a very versatile hobby, because it doubles as a mode of transportation.  Try swapping out any medium-distance car rides you intend on taking this summer with a bike ride; as the fresh air and exercise will likely boost your mood in preparation for whatever you are on your way to do.  During the school year, students find it hard to read for pleasure because they are always reading for class.  Reading is a great thing to do over the summer and it will also keep you sharp for the coming fall semester.  

Hiking was another popular recommendation from students.  Hiking is great because it is an activity that can complement other activities.  You can kill two birds with one stone by upgrading your dog’s neighborhood walks to full blown hikes, so the both of you get your daily exercise.  

Keyon Pierce, a junior, recommends trying out volleyball this summer.  This is perfect for summer because many beaches have volleyball courts that you can play on.  If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in public on the first try, consider heading to the gym to sharpen up your skills a bit during this time between finals and the hot weather!  If you try it out and like it, you can practice all fall, winter and spring long indoors to prepare for the beach volleyball courts.

Ryan Koos recommends going to some Minor League Baseball games this summer.  Minor League can be more fun than Major League games for some people, because there is less pressure with the television crews making it a more relaxed environment overall, not to mention the cheaper ticket prices!  

Jenna Reyes said that she likes to try out new hobbies during summer, such as crocheting and brushing up on old ones such as playing the guitar.  The downtime in the summer is the perfect opportunity to work on gaining some new skills, too.  

  Jenna also said that she likes to listen to podcasts in the summer, because she finds herself losing focus on them during the school year.  This is an interesting  activity that you can do in combination with many others that have previously been mentioned, such as hiking or riding your bike. 

Student’s watching outdoor sporting events when the weather is nice.
Photo Credit: Kelly McCormick

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