As we approach final exams and stress levels start to build, take advantage of the power of music and try to find some positivity where you can. In the past few weeks, a variety of artists have dropped songs that are for sure worth listening to. We have compiled a list of five of these songs to help get you through these overwhelming days and to provide you with that “Final Push” of the semester. 

  1. “Lie Again” – GIVĒON 

If any of you have ever listened to GIVĒON you know just how therapeutic his voice can be, and “Lie Again” highlights this even further.  The combination of his smooth vocals and his lyrical mastery put you in your feelings in the best possible way, and will definitely put your mind at ease for a moment. Take the time for you this week, and give this beautiful composition a listen. 

Place To Listen: Walking back from class alone in your headphones

Photo taken in front of Villiger Hall by Natalie Nevins ’25
  1. “WAIT FOR U” – Future (feat. Drake & Tems)

There was a lot of anticipation for Future’s drop of his newest album “I NEVER LIKED YOU,” and “WAIT FOR U” definitely lives up to the hype. Any collaboration between Drake and Future is typically destined for greatness, but this song especially fulfills that mission. Again, this one might put you somewhat in your feels, but will help you clear your head and devote your energy to something other than your five exams coming up. 

Place To Listen: Releasing some stress while exercising and working out

Photo of lawn in front of Drexel Library taken by Natalie Nevins ’24
  1. “Tomorrow Me” – Luke Combs 

Nothing screams summer quite like a wholesome country song, such as “Tomorrow Me” by Luke Combs, will help bring you that much closer to vacation time. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of country music, this upbeat song will surely put a smile on your face as we near the end of finals week. Take advantage of the sunshine and the good vibes and let this song put you in a good place as we finish the semester. 

Photo of Barbelin Hall taken by Natalie Nevins ’24
  1. “Love Me More” – Sam Smith 

It has been a while since we have gotten some new music from Sam Smith, but the dropping of “Love Me More” made it worth the wait. This self-worth anthem might just be the exact thing you need to help get you through this next week. Smith’s ode to self-acceptance is empowering, and listening to it while studying for your Accounting exam will provide you with the sanity to not want to pull all of your hair out. 

Place To Listen: Studying in the library until the early hours of the morning 

Photo of Drexel Library taken by Natalie Nevins ’24
  1. “Honest” – Justin Bieber (feat. Don Toliver) 

Any time Justin Bieber releases new music the world gets very excited, and rightfully so. His newest song “Honest” features Don Toliver, whose name carries weight for itself but looks even better alongside the infamous Bieber. Together, they created an enjoyable pre-summer song that is a real vibe, and that definitely reflects the confidence both artists bring to the table. 

Place To Listen: Sitting in the grass near Barbelin Hall

Photo of Barbelin Hall taken by Natalie Nevins ’24

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