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Everyone has a favorite food that reminds them of home. It could be someone’s favorite because they have it every Sunday dinner or they can’t get it anywhere else! Answer that question in your head and now think about not being able to have that specific food for a year. Awful, right?

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If someone from Philadelphia answered that question, it would probably be a cheesesteak or a soft pretzel. Every state has their own iconic dish that is out of this world. Other cities try and copy their signature meals, but it will never compare to where it’s supposed to be eaten.

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Unfortunately, we can’t experience all the unique foods that this country has to offer, but we had the opportunity to hear about a few. Even though the majority of SJU students are relatively close to their home, there still is a group of students that are thousands of miles away from theirs.

To those students…

If your mom could send you one food from home, what would it be? Here are a few responses.  

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