Fall semester at SJU has begun. Syllabus week is over and the essays and tests are pouring in. As the due dates approach, many students are starting to flock to their professors’ office hours.

We go for a variety of reasons, everything from having simple questions to sucking up for an A in the class. But no matter the reason, there is a certain anxiety that flushes over students as they spend one-on-one time with their professors.

Here are just some of the weird, gross, funny, uncomfortable things that can happen while sitting across from your professor.

Excuse me while I cringe

“One time I went to my 85 year old profs office hours and he coughed up this white thing on his lip and talked to me for 30 minutes with it still on his lip.”

-Yanna Bekelja ‘18

Grazie, sir

“Went to office hours to talk about a test and all he did was talk about the Italian origin of my last name and then just boosted up my grade 15 points.”

– Daniella Attanasio ‘18

I’ll just wait..

“Today both me and my professor would open our mouths up to talk and we’d hesitate because we didn’t know who was going to talk. We kept both talking at the same time. It happened a total of 3 TIMES IN A ROW.”

– Nick Keller ‘20

It’s called luck, look it up

“I went to my professor’s office and he couldn’t find my exam so he jokingly pushed all of his papers off his desk and gave me an A”

– Gabby Wagner ‘18

Sometimes you just need a good cry

“I went to my English professor’s office hours to talk about an essay that was going to be due soon. I was so stressed I just started crying and she just stared at me and pushed the tissues towards me.”

-Bride O’leary ‘19

Location, location, location

“My professor made me walk all over Merion for 20 MINUTES until we found a spot to sit and talk for literally 2 MINUTES…”

-Sarah Hoffman ‘19

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