Feeling bored of the same horror movies every year? Tired of Freddy, Jason, and Michael? Well then, I’ve got some treats for you this Halloween. Whether you are in the mood for some blood and gore, or want something more psychologically horrifying, these are movies that you’ll definitely enjoy. So, sit back, grab a comfy blanket, and get ready for the Top 5 Little-Known Horror Movies!

The Thing

Picture of the movie poster of The Thing, 1982
The Thing, 1982

Horror movie remakes nowadays are usually more of a joke than something actually scary, but there are some exceptions. The Thing was originally created in 1951, but the superior version was released in 1982. It takes place in Antarctica, where a group of scientists must fight against a shapeshifting alien.

Why see it? The Thing has high suspense, great characters, and visually horrifying special effects. The gore found in the movie is not for the faint of heart, so watch at your own risk!

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The Evil Dead

Picture of the movie poster of The Evil Dead, 1981
The Evil Dead, 1981

For those of you who prefer horror mixed with other genres, like comedy and action, The Evil Dead franchise is perfect. Starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, the series centers around demons coming to our world when a book called the Necronomicon is read. The earlier installment is more focused on horror, while later installments are more action/comedy based.

Why see it? Ash Williams is an amazing character, with tons of quotable lines. Although the movie is low budget, it’s still able to make viewers laugh and scream. Even the legendary horror writer Stephen King likes the movie, so why shouldn’t you?

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Picture of the movie poster of Oculus, 2013
Oculus, 2013

In terms of psychological horror, a relatively new movie has really shown how terrifying a… mirror can be? Oculus, released in 2013, is a horror movie centering around two siblings who have to fight against an evil mirror. It tore their lives apart as kids, and we watch as they fight against the mirror once more, while also getting glimpse into the siblings’ past.

Why see it? The movie is very psychologically deep, has some interesting character development, as well as some pretty terrifying ideas. If you are looking for a less bloody horror film, Oculus is the movie for you!

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Grave Encounters

Picture of the movie poster of Grave Encounters, 2011
Grave Encounters, 2011

People are fascinated by the supernatural, so there are tons of television shows based on ghost hunting. But what if we got to see true horrors, captured by one of these teams of ghost hunters? Grave Encounters is just that movie. When the crew of a ghost hunting television show discovers Collingwood, an abandoned psych ward, they discover true fear. Fighting for their lives, they must navigate the ever-changing psych ward, and try to escape their unending nightmare.

Why watch it? Although the characters are lackluster, the movie itself has some great jumpscares. On top of that, Grave Encounters takes a deeper look into to those who are stuck in mental hospitals, and the pains they endured in the past. So, why don’t you come to Collingwood for a stay?

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The Mist

Picture of the movie poster of The Mist, 2007
The Mist, 2007

With the recent success of IT, I think it’s appropriate for another Stephen King movie adaptation to take the last movie spot. The Mist, released in 2007, is a movie about a group of survivors who get stuck in a town covered in “the mist”. But it’s not “the mist” that they worry about, it’s the horrifying creatures that lurk in it.

Why watch this film? The acting is decent, with several appearances from actors from the beloved The Walking Dead TV show. Also, it analyzes what people believe in during a time of crisis. This movie does have some gruesome scenes, so like The Thing, The Mist is not for the faint of heart. The Mist is considered one of Stephen King’s better book-to-movie adaptations, in the ranks of IT and The Shining. It’s definitely worth a watch.

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