If you lay in bed all night and stay up until 4am because you’re watching the same show, you’re guilty of binge watching. We all do it, especially when we get ourselves into a really good tv show that we just can’t stop watching until the end. Then the end comes and it’s like our whole life just came to an end.

After your show ends, it’s time to find a new one to binge on. Hannah Losavio ‘21 is currently binge watching Scandal, while Jim Elliot ‘19 is catching up on How I Met Your Mother. The list of shows goes on and on. From Netflix, to Hulu, to Apple TV, you can find hundreds of shows to binge watch. But this raises a question. Is binge watching bad for us?

Studies have been done about binge watching and researchers have found that it does have side effects. An article by Reader’s Digest said that it can increase your chance of having health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, because sitting for too long is unhealthy for your body. The article also says you can become addicted to binge watching and become antisocial.

Credit: Gabby Tancredi

Even though binge watching has it’s side effects, Reader’s Digest gives simple ways to make it healthier. For example, they suggest standing or stretching a few times throughout your binge, so you’re a little more active. They also recommend taking breaks in between shows, so you don’t overdo it.

If you do choose to binge watch, be cautious about how you’re doing it. Girls on the SJU soccer team said they’re binge watching Friends, Sex In The City, and House of Cards. Other students said they’re watching That 70’s Show and How to Get Away With Murder. These are just a handful of shows students are binge watching right now, but they’re great if you’re looking for a  new show to start.

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