Will students know the most popular song from their birth year?

Music that inspires people and makes them get off their feet and dance has the biggest impact on society.  Each year a song sets the tone for the music industry. A song known worldwide that can bring people together through its lyrics.

We set up an experiment to see if students at St. Joe’s would know Billboard Hot 100 number-one single from the year that they were born. Music can trigger multiple reactions, from remembering past memories to grooving and having fun!

We sat five people down born between 1995 and 1999 and played the most popular single from that year. We saw some confused reactions, dancing and jamming out, and yes even some emotional reactions. Watch the video below to find out if you would have been in the musical loop of your birth year.  

Below  is a list of the songs played in the video. Click the links and have a listen for yourself.

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