The Holiday season is coming, and it is time to become fully emerged in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and the nation’s most popular holiday, Christmas!

Before we leave for break, and return to our friends and families, we want to give guidelines about how to make the most of the holiday experience, have a great holiday party, and be on top of your game come this Christmas.


Everybody loves the Christmas classics, well not everyone. Nothing gets you more into the Holiday spirit than hearing the songs that you grew up listening to. Here is a playlist, stacked with the most popular and festive Christmas songs, to listen to while decorating the tree, or preparing for a family party! Besides, what is a party without a little music anyway?


A recent theme has returned to the Christmas party scene, that of the notorious ugly Christmas sweaters. These hideous sweaters have made a comeback, due to their ironic and unfashionable look. Whether you decide to wear the sweater, or are looking for a different approach for the big shindig, here are the best websites to shop Christmas!

JC Penny  – JC Penny has a wide variety of goofy sweaters and other Christmas apparel at an extremely affordable price.

Buy Christmas Sweater – This geniously titled website has a wide array of personalized sweaters, and their entire business is strictly sweaters.  

Tipsy Elves – Tipsy elves has a bunch of ugly sweaters that will have everyone at your party buzzing.


Everybody knows the holiday with the best food is Thanksgiving. However, Christmas time brings out some of the most festive and delicious treats, including fresh baked cookies, hot chocolate, and tons of other delectable sweets. Walk into the party with some of these foods and you will be like Santa coming down the chimney bearing gifts!

Here are some recipes for the best cookies and desserts! And for the Christmas dinner, there are some even more amazing recipes


What better way to help celebrate the holidays than with your friends? A festive holiday party is a great way to bring everyone together! Warm your heart on a cold day with  good food, good friends, and good memories!

The holiday’s are the perfect time to bring friends together to decorate a tree, bake cookies, cook meals, play games, and watch all your favorite holiday movies! This time of the year brings back a lifetime of memories and traditions and what better way to keep the traditions alive than with hosting the ideal holiday party?


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