We are so lucky to live on such a beautiful campus, especially at this time of year. It is very picturesque. Therefore, now more than ever is the time to boost up your selfie game. In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries named Selfie as the Word of the Year. We want to make selfie the Word of the Year, again. So, next time you stop for a study break, take a selfie break instead, at these insta-worthy spots on campus:

The Perch/Campion Courtyard

Perch/Campion Courtyard by Lexis Mignogna
Perch/Campion Courtyard Selfie by Lexis Mignogna

If you have walked out of the Campion Food Court, you’ve had to have seen this spot near the Perch. It’s small and simple, but the benches situated under the quaint tree make for a perfect backdrop to snap a few pics with some friends.

The McShain Tree

The McShain Tree by Lexis Mignogna
The McShain Tree Selfie by Lexis Mignogna

The McShain tree is a classic and well-known spot for the perfect picture. Residents of McShain and St. Mary’s love it for the homey feel it gives to the courtyard, and being that it’s so easy to climb into, who could resist snapping a few selfies?

Barbelin Tower Courtyard

Barbelin Tower Courtyard by Lexi Mignogna
Barbelin Tower Courtyard Selfie by Lexi Mignogna

Barbelin is probably the most photographed building at St. Joes, so this one is a given. However, the much less photographed Barbelin Courtyard is often overlooked as a great spot for some great pictures. With the unique architecture and medieval vibe, taking your next selfie here will definitely get you some well-deserved likes.

Garden outside the Library

Garden outside the Library by Lexi Mignogna
Garden outside the Library Selfie by Lexi Mignogna

If you’re all about the nature aesthetic, this is selfie spot for you. These rocks and flowers gives students a nice view when studying in the Post Learning Commons area of the library, but it also serves as a really great spot for pictures. The flowers, pebbles, and flags in the background will be sure to produce a very professional-like picture.

Saint Joseph’s Sign

SJU Sign by Lexi Mignogna
SJU Sign Selfie by Lexi Mignogna

Although there are a few St. Joes signs around campus, we believe that this sign is most picture-worthy due to its location and greenery seen in the background. The flags and library behind the sign are also very symbolic for St. Joes, so this spot is perfect if don’t just want a good selfie but want to rep your school pride as well.

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