Old City Fest 2019

If you’re stuck in Philadelphia for the fall break you’re in luck because Old City has an eventful weekend in store and there is so much to explore in America’s “most historic square mile”. Take a break from the campus food and switch up your everyday environment. In Old City you can discover beautiful views, delicious food, and historical sites to adventure.

An Uber will cost you about 17 dollars unless you take a bus, trolley or subway which ranges from $2.25 – $2.50 with SEPTA transportation services. This way you’ll have plenty left over to do some light shopping or splurge on your meal while still staying on budget.


On Sunday, October 13th from 11AM to 6PM, Old City Fest will take place on 3rd and Arch streets. This festival is a celebration of everything that represents Philadelphia including art and design, fashion and food, creativity and culture, architecture and history. There will be a showcasing of local designers, creative firms, retailers, galleries, theatre, history, and restaurants to top it all off. This festival is organized by Old City District and they’ve made sure to highlight the best of what Philly has to offer. We can see there is something for everyone and best of all this event is free and open to the public. You can enjoy the festival for about two hours, from 11 AM to 1PM.


You can’t leave Old City without trying the most famous Philly cheesesteak’s. Some of the best spots for cheesesteak’s are Sonny’s and Campo’s. You can head down to Sonny’s on market street at around 1:30 PM until 2:15 PM and eat for as little as 8 dollars.

This next place is great to stroll A must see is Cherry Street Pier which is an indoor-outdoor market place along the Delaware River Waterfront open year round. It was originally an abandoned pier turned into a cultural experience where they host year-round art events, shopping, and eating which can be done with a view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. They have event spaces, artist studios, and an alfresco bar and cafe. The market place is also an artesian location filled with local farmed food, antique dealers, and locally made art.


With more to offer, this district has great hang out spots with incredible views. There is a plethora of museums and historical sites including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, The President’s House, Ben Franklin’s Grave etc. A great fall destination is Spruce Street Harbor Park. It’s considered one of the ‘Worlds Best Urban Beaches’ by the Huffington Post and its located at the Delaware River Waterfront. It’s known to have a great ambience with twinkly lights and hammocks and carnival-like atmosphere. It is the perfect time to go since it is considered to be a spring/summer/fall destination. And make sure to check out the Race Street Pier for a great view of the waterfront and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

Spruce Street Harbor at Night
Race Street Pier


After you’ve done some light shopping and gone though an evening stroll through the pier or the harbor, you still stay on budget and can manage to splurge on dinner. If you’re looking for the ultimate colonial experience, go to City Tavern and dine like the founding fathers. This locale takes you back in time as it recreates the food and ambience of colonial times. The servers are costumed, the cuisine is of the revolutionary era, and they even have Yards Brewing Company’s Ales based on recipes of the founding fathers so you can experience life in 1776. City Tavern has a good selection of seafood and steak courses between 15 – 18 dollars. At this point you’ve gone through 58 dollars or less in your budget and you have just enough to get back to campus in the comfort of an Uber.

City Tavern – A Colonial Dining Experience
Video by Anthony Salatto

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