Even though Philadelphia is sometimes thought of as a smaller city in the United States, it still has a lot to offer. Totaling over 40 neighborhoods in such a small area, there is always something to do. Feeling in the mood to see a baseball game? Go to a Phillies game. In the mood for authentic Asian cuisine? Take a trip to Chinatown. Craving a true Philly cheesesteak? Look up any cheesesteak place in Philadelphia, they are all good (Jim’s, in my opinion, is the best, though). Are you new to the area and want to see some history? Ride a bus into the city and visit the Liberty Bell. All while all of these things are great options to choose from if you want more of a touristy experience in Philadelphia, there are many more options that can truly give you a taste of the city.

Tips on Fairmount with $100!

Many neighborhoods in Philadelphia often get overlooked. One neighborhood capable of spending a whole day in, if not more than that, is Fairmount. Fairmount is located just north of Spring Garden Street, west of Broad Street, south of Girard Avenue, and east of the Schuylkill River. In other words, often defined and referred to as the “Art Museum Area,” because of how close it is to the Philadelphia Art Museum, which is also famously known as the “Rocky Steps.” Fairmount is also classified as the “Museum District” because the majority of the city’s museums and attractions more culturally centered are at heart there. Although these are more of the famous amenities in Fairmount, there are still many more things Fairmount has to offer.

Pretend you only had $100 to spend and you chose to spend it in Fairmount for the day. Let’s break down all of the options you have to choose from and see what you can get out of just $100:

  • First of all, you need some mode of transportation. A bus ticket averages at about $3.50 for a 40-minute ride or you could take an Uber or Lyft for anywhere in between $7 to $16 with a 16-minute drive. That is, barring any traffic, of course.

Amount of money you still have to spend:


Once you get to Fairmount, the options are almost endless. Say you made it just in time for an early lunch/brunch:

  • You could make a pit-stop at the OCF Coffee House on Fairmount Avenue where the cheapest thing on the menu is $1.55 and the most expensive is $10.50. By the looks of their menu, you will definitely get the most bang for your buck.  

Current amount left:


Full of delicious food and drink, you are now ready to explore and take in all Fairmount has to offer. Feeling artsy and want to snap a cool picture for the ‘gram? Check out some of the museums Fairmount has to offer:

Current amount left:


Not really feeling the museum scene and want a little spook in your life? Think about touring the Eastern State Penitentiary. Maybe make sure you have a friend with you for this one, though. Prices vary for the experience you want. If you were to do a daytime tour of the prison it would only be $10 for a student with a college I.D. Remember, you only have $100 to spend!

Current amount left:


Feeling like you need to unwind after extensive museum observation or the lingering fright from the penitentiary? Take a nice stroll down Kelly Drive with the best views of Boathouse Row, it’s free (and good for the soul)!

Hungry for dinner? Over 21 and want to try out a new bar? Have a good amount of money left to maybe splurge on a nice meal for yourself? Try Jack’s Firehouse, it’s a Fairmount favorite.

Current amount left:

$16 (just enough to get you home)

What a day! With the $16 you have left you can get a bus ride back to campus or an Uber or Lyft. The next time you decide to explore the city, choose Fairmount again to see all of the things you missed out on during this day.

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