Tired of just texting “lol” and not actually laughing out loud? Us too! Between studying for midterms and finishing up those end of the semester papers, there’s not much to laugh about. But with this new club get ready to “lol” and “lmao” because they’re bringing on the jokes.  

St. Joe’s Live members go over a script in club meeting
Photographed by Taylor Lee

St. Joe’s Live was inspired by the iconic Saturday Night Live. The club was created from the two SJU students, Ryan McDonnell’20 and Chris Kenkelen’20. Their roots in the SJU Improv club helped them created St. Joe’s Live, (which ironically is a scripted comedy club). St. Joe’s Live has skits that regard school life, fictional situations, and (the classic) random social interactions. During their club meetings the club members write scripts, act them out, and ultimately perform them. SJU Live is sure to make you laugh out loud. 

Laughing has many benefits. Some of the most relevant ones for students in need of a study break are the benefits of stress relief and a good workout. So when going out to see St. Joe’s Live, not only are you getting to experience live comedy but you’re also getting that stress relief that so many college students direly need. Also let’s not forget you can potentially be getting your grind on, so don’t be afraid to really belly laugh. Engage that core!

A script for a skit of St. Joe’s Live
Photographed by Taylor Lee

The St. Joe’s Live crew performs at The Perch. When you go to see them, not only do you get to see a funny comedy show, but you could also do some fun stuff before and after! Whether it’s playing pool or ping pong and showing off your skills to your friends, there’s plenty to do before and after a performance. You can also get yourself some refreshments including a sweet 22 oz. soda or flavored seltzer from the .50 cent vending machine (love that for us).

So after finishing all your exams, your plan might be to just sit on your bed, watch Netflix, and mentally recover from one of the most stressful parts of college. But we’re telling you to grab your jacket, stop your binging, and check out this awesome form of live entertainment!  

So here’s your new plan: 

  • Step One: Study & grind for midterms and finish up end of semester papers (boom done)
  • Step Two: Ace the mid-terms & finesse your papers (you’re doing great sweetie) 
  • Step Three: Grab your friends, classmates, or really anybody who needs a good laugh 
  • Step Four: Grab two quarters (unless you’re really thirsty and need to grab a dollar) 
  • Step Five: Get your butt down to the Perch
  • Step Six: Watch the funniest scripted comedy show SJU has to offer!

Once you’ve executed this plan don’t forget to check out some other fun ideas of what to do for your next study break. 

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