When it comes to school spirit, every college has its own culture. Thinking about our culture, I thought it’d be cool to make a list of the top 5 outfits you see at a Saint Joseph’s basketball game.


  1. Nothing says “go Hawks” like Big Bird and Cookie Monster costumes. Shout out to sophomores, Connor Griffin and Ryan Santos, for taking spirit to a whole new level by wearing these costume heads to the games. When I saw this, I was naturally curious and asked, “why?” Connor, aka Big Bird talked about how it adds a little something extra to the games and just makes it a bit more fun. Can’t argue with that.
taken from @connor_griff8

2. If you’ve attended a basketball game this year, you know that #2 is our new breakout star. You also know that he is none other than Charlie Brown, and with a name like that you know his fan base comes with special attire. Students and fans were quick to make it a point to wear the classic cartoon character’s shirt in support for #2. You’re a good man Charlie Brown.

taken from @chawesome2
  1. School spirit is one of the things SJU prides itself on, and this sophomore takes wild to a whole new extreme. When asked why a gorilla suit Jake Powell said “ I do it for Harambe”. Well there you have it kids.

  1. The morph suit. There is always that one person that breaks out the morph suit for a sporting event whatever it may be. It’s the classic way to show pride for your school team. I personally love the way this morph suit matches the Saint Joe’s jersey so it creates the illusion that he has become one with the jersey. I guess in this case you are what you wear.
taken from @connor_griff8
  1. Although our final costume isn’t exactly a costume, I feel as if it needs to be recognized. Signs, along with face tattoos are both great ways SJU students show their pride. You know you’re at a St. Joe’s game when you see a big poster with the saying “The Pope likes us better” or a great alternative “The Pope didn’t visit you”. Take that Nova!

    Taken from @saphball_
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