It’s the start to a new semester, or it’s already February but you are ready to step up your game to get back on track. Going in to a new semester or even new year of classes, many of us go in with the intention of maintaining an up-to-date planner and organized notes but then things like friends, eating, and sleep get in the way and you never really commit. Listed below are some up the most useful and CONVENIENT apps you can access on your favorite smartphone or tablet to up your game in the classroom and just life!

1. Remind

Remind is an app that both professors and students can log on to in order to exchange notes and build better communication within the classroom. If your professor does not have a class created on the app already, you can simply create one your self and ask your classmates to join! On the app you can share notes or talk as class about the lecture or an upcoming assignment. Basically, Remind is just another app for group messages and to talk with people—about school, of course.

Google Play

 2. StudyBlue

Much like the app Remind, StudyBlue is another app in which you can connect with your class and exchange notes, share digital flashcards and create practice quizzes. On StudyBlue you can also reach students from other areas and schools that are studying the same material. StudyBlue app is convenient being that you always have your study tools on the go! 

Google Play

3. SJU Hawks

As important as staying on track with your schoolwork is, being in tune with what’s going on here at Hawk Hill is too. Our very own SJU has an app! It’s easy to get sidetracked on campus with your friends but we can’t forget to support the campus that we all love! SJU Hawks App provides game schedules for all of Division I sport teams as well as postgame highlights! 


-Cailyn Charlesworth

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