5 People You’ll Meet on Your Floor Freshmen Year


In college, you are bound to meet countless different personalities and different people. Here is a look of 5 people you will definitely meet on your floor freshmen year.

The Partier

Every hall has them and they honestly aren’t all that bad. Loud, absolutely, but it’s only 15 or so minutes before they crash. They get back at 3AM on a Tuesday night and are surprised that everyone else isn’t up having as good a time as them. And then again on a Wednesday night…and Thursday night… and of course, Friday and Saturday. But you’re impressed with their ability to go out every night and still be functioning members of the SJU Community. Respect.








The Kid Who Doesn’t Go to Class

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The semester begins, you realize you have a kid on your floor in your class. The semester goes on and three weeks later you forget they are even in your class. They show up on test days and text you for the notes and homework in between. You think it’s not  a bad gig if they can handle it, but then the next semester begins, and you realize there is now a vacancy on your floor… it was nice knowing you.


The Squad

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With all the different people you meet on your floor freshmen year there is a strong chance you’ll find some people who you really get along with. That’s squad. You do everything with them, Campion, O’Pake, FIFA and whatever else you guys get into.



The International

Saint Joe’s has a decent amount of an international population which is great to learn about different parts of the world and new cultures.  For instance, last year, I learned that people from Bermuda don’t have Jamaican accents and hate sharks.

The Oddball

Have you ever met someone that you know you will never meet someone as truly unique ever again? That’s the oddball. They are as perfect a combination of funny, strange, friendly and weird as you could imagine. Anytime you end up with the Oddball, you are sure to have a good time and a story go along with it.   



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