As SJU students, we are lucky enough to have not only great university sports, but also to live in one of the biggest professional sports markets in the country. The Philadelphia Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies all have some of the most massive fanbases, and our fans are notorious for being, well, Philly….

As fortunate as we are, with these iconic teams, we, as SJU students need to take advantage of our location, and become fully emerged in the spirit of Philadelphia Sports.


It’s true.. the Philadelphia Eagles as of now, are the best team in the NFL. With only one loss on their record, the 7-1 Eagles seem to be the most dominant force in football right now. Carson Wentz, the first pick in the 2016 draft, continues to establish himself as a franchise quarterback, and is an early favorite to win the league’s MVP. As so much excitement surrounds this team, I’m sure there are cynics and doubters. Given that the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, a playoff experience this year would bring a great energy to the city of Philadelphia.The Eagles will play their next game on Sunday against the Denver Broncos at Lincoln Financial Field. The stadiums are only a short train ride away from campus. 

Media Credits: Peyton Drift


In an era of “super teams” and some of the NBA’s best players joining forces to compete for a title, a young Philadelphia 76ers team took a different path to success, The Process. The Process is a term that refers to our previous Sam Hinkie, and his willingness to lose games, almost purposely, so that we could accumulate high draft picks to build for the future. Unfortunately, Hinkie is no longer in Philly, but his plan, has certainly paid off. Joel Embiid seems as if he may be one of the best players in the league. Ben Simmons, the 6-9’ point guard, looks to be a generational player with his mix of skill, size, and raw athleticism. As today’s most dominant players will be aging, the Sixers young, stacked roster will be at it’s most developed peak. Not only are Sixers game loads of fun, but they are cheap too, for those of us in the college struggle. Grab the tickets here. 

media credits: Peyton Drift


Sure, hockey isn’t the biggest national sport, but Flyers fans are some of the most devoted in sports. The Flyers, similar to the Sixers and the Phillies, are loaded with young talent. Their success in the drafting process has led them to the rights to some impact players that will make their respective ways up our relatively confusing hockey system. Flyer’s games are said to be some of the most intense and exhilarating, even for fans without much knowledge of the sport. So make your way to the Wells Fargo Center soon, and make sure to get tickets before hand here.


Media Credits: Peyton Drift

Last, but certainly not least, The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the most historic teams in baseball. Harvesting MLB greats, having a strong fanbase and tradition sets apart the Phightin’ Phils from the rest. Not to mention, the Philly Phanatic is one of the most beloved mascots of all time and is known to show fans a good time. There is always fun activities and events being held at the ballpark, and it is truly a great experience for all ages. Show support and have a great time doing it, get some tickets

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