Midterms, sickness,  and stress, oh my! Yes, it’s that time of year. As the seasons change and the workload piles up, it can be difficult to keep up with your physical health. We’re here to help you stay looking your best during some of the most not so wonderful times of the year. Here are some different face masks to help you keep your face glowing.

Do you feel like you don’t know what type of face mask works best for you? Then Karma is the way to go. This face mask you can buy in a box with different types of varieties that are meant for oily and dry skin type. You can also subscribe to the fabfitfun box that is shipped to you every month and receive some of these different kinds of face masks.

Karuna Face Mask
Image By: Yianna Kalaitzoglou

Is the Karma mask a little too expensive for a face mask? Have no fear, there are plenty of other options that are much cheaper and just as relaxing. At Target there are plenty face masks you can choose from that start at just $1.50.

Image By: Yianna Kalaitzoglou


There are also different types of face masks for lips and even your face. These ones from Sephora are meant to give your lips a glowing look before you’re ready to go out. You can buy them in a set at Sephora.

Image By: Yianna Kalaitzoglou


If you’re looking for an overall body mask we know just the place to look. At Target you can purchase a foot cream, nose strips, and a nourishing avocado face mask. These are all just $1.50 and work just as great as all the other brands.

Image By: Yianna Kalaitzoglou


So times get stressful and difficult, use any of these face masks to keep your face glowing! No one will be able to tell that anything is wrong in your life!

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