In college, it seems that almost everyone is either running short on sleep or money. But, there’s one thing that almost all students are running short on – time. It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, from socializing with friends to finishing that six page term paper due tomorrow. Here are a few tips on how to manage your academic, social, and personal time.

A weekly planner is a great way to stay on top of your assignments. – Photo by Julia Olaguer


Let’s not forget what college is really about. College is still school, and our work should come first above everything else. At times, it may seem like we have so much work, that there’s no way we can possibly get it all done. Staying on top of your work and doing it when assigned will guarantee an efficient use of your time, instead of pushing it off until the night before. Using reminders on your phone or a calendar is a great way to keep things organized, and allow you to get your work done when you need to. Do you find yourself replying to texts and stalking Instagram while you should be writing an essay? Switching your phone to Do Not Disturb is a great to prevent social media and other distractions from allowing you to do your work.

Sporting events are a perfect way to get out and bond with your friends. – Photo by Julia Olaguer


When talking about college and what to expect, I was told to find the right balance between school and socializing. As much as we’re here to study and work hard, we’re also here to have a good time and enjoy these four years. Getting involved in clubs and sports is a nice way to take a break from studying, while being able to get out and meet people. Clubs and sports can help define our schedule, and keep us on top of our work knowing we have meetings and practices to attend. Getting our work done during the day, allows us to go out at night and involve ourselves in extracurriculars. Most of our week revolves around classes, tests, and homework, but the weekend should be the time to go out and enjoy yourself. See a movie, go to a show, or spectate at a sporting event. We can’t forget why we’re here, but we also need to remember to have some fun and find that healthy balance between school and socializing.

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing night of tea and Netflix. – Photo by Julia Olaguer


Just as important as our academic and social time management, is the time we spend on personal things. Taking care of yourself is essential in college, making sure you’re healthy and ready for whatever the week ahead throws at you. Having a healthy and regulated sleep schedule is a big part of this, allowing yourself to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Without this your immune system is weakened, allowing you to become sick easier.. Along with getting enough rest comes eating healthy and getting some exercise. Taking care of your body is just as important as keeping your grades up. Your personal time should be spent however you want, because it is all about you. This is the time to watch that next episode of Stranger Things or reply to those unopened Snapchats.

Managing your time is the most important part of college. If done right, you’ll have enough time to study as much as you socialize, while getting the sleep you need. It often isn’t easy to find that balance, but if you do, your body, mind, friends, and GPA will thank you for it. Though you still may be short on money, at least your time will be well spent!

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