goPuff was made to help out the laziest people who can’t even get to the store for a carton of ice cream. Who am I kidding though, we’ve all been there. Where we all probably haven’t been is deeper down into goPuff. Vapes, rolling trays, and even dildos can be delivered directly to you without so much as leaving your couch. Simply put, there’s basically nothing that goPuff can’t do for you.

1. Eggplant Emoji Dildo: Uhhhh, not too much to explain for this one. Basically, the eggplant emoji, but it can be used for some very different stuff (and not food).

2. 24K Gold Cone: When a normal cone isn’t boujee enough for your “tobacco,” channel your inner 2 Chainz and light up a gold one.

3. A Dozen Eggs: Perfect for those times when you need some protein, or maybe if you don’t really like your neighbor’s house.

4. Pregnancy Test: Rough night? You should probably get                                               one delivered just to be safe.

5. Warner Bros Batman Gift Set: Is there a special man in your life? Trying to take it to the next level? Three words: BATMAN GIFT SET.

6. Volcano Vape: Smoking normally not your thing? You should check out the volcano vape for the low price of $594.99, so you can smoke away the pain of spending almost $600 on a vape.

7. Crystal Light (Single Pack): For that time you want a bottle of fruit punch, but just one. At only $0.79, you can get a one-time serving of some very diluted lemon water.

College kids like weird stuff, it’s inevitable. Luckily goPuff is out there to satisfy your cravings, no matter how much you don’t want to talk about it.

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