We are lucky to attend a school that is extremely close to a major metropolitan city. Philadelphia is the ideal college city, with so much of it accessible due to its convenient public transportation, it is a great place to explore with your friends. However, it is also extremely easy to look like a tourist in Philadelphia, with so many of its spots being major attractions. If you and your friends want to either avoid looking like a generic tourist or if you just need a step back from the hustle and bustle of the frenzy that is Philadelphia, then you have come to the right place! Today we are going to be creating an afternoon agenda for you in a suburb of Philadelphia, Roxborough.

Spot #1: Wissahickon Valley Park

The covered bridge at Valley Green (Photo by Stephanie Affatato ’19)

Roxborough is about a 15 minute Uber ride away from campus. When you first arrive in this neighborhood, you may wonder what there is to do in such an interesting area. The food in Roxborough is excellent, but first, we need to work up an appetite. The first stop on our adventure is exploring the beautiful Wissahickon Valley Park. Valley Green, the name given to the park by the locals, is a 2000+ acre park with dozens of trails and a beautiful bridal path. As you are walking down the main path, you will most likely walk past several landmarks such as the Covered Bridge, The Native American Statue, and of course the historic Valley Green Inn.

Destination #2: D’Alessandro’s

A cheesesteak hoagie and cheesesteak from Dallesandro’s Steaks (Photo by Stephanie Affratato ’19)

There is nothing like a good meal after a long hike, and the perfect thing to fill you up is nothing better than a Philly cheesesteak! When most people think of cheesesteaks, often times their minds drift to Pat’s, Geno’s, or Tony Luke’s. While all those places make one mean cheesesteak. They constantly draw huge crowds and the lines can get ridiculous. The best place to get a cheesesteak in Roxborough, and arguably in Philadelphia, is at D’Alessandro’s. Only a 10 minute ride away from Valley Green, D’Alessandro’s is a family run cheesesteak joint that serves up delicious steaks. It is a very old school place that only takes cash, so make sure you come prepared. There is an ATM located inside if you forget to grab some dough on your way there.

Last but Not Least: C&C Creamery

Cheesesteaks are very filling, however, you might still be hankering for one last treat. C&C Creamery is a definite go-to ice cream spot in Roxborough. Only 5 minutes away from D’Alessandro’s, the store is a family owned creamery that has been in operation since 1955. They have everything from delicious homemade custard, to savory ice-cream cakes. C&C is a sweet junkie’s paradise, and will be sure to satisfy. C&C is a sweet junkie’s paradise, and will be sure to satisfy While C&C does accept cards, there is a $10 minimum in order to use them, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Ice cream from C&C to finish your day! (Photo by Stephanie Affatato ’19)

 However, it can be very overwhelming at times. Spending an afternoon in one of Philadelphia’s many neighborhoods, such as Roxborough, can be a great way to unwind and explore an unfamiliar area. Roxborough has all the amenities to be a great destination for you and your friends!

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  1. You forgot to mention Gorgas Park! There are tons of festivals throughout the year just down Ridge Avenue from the Custard Stand. Ridge Avenue itself is actually a pretty great street for window shopping and the Foodery is a particularly enjoyable store.


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