Small, crowded and not so clean – SJU’s Recreational Center, O’Pake, does not have the best rep on Saint Joes Campus. I mean, let’s be honest, nobody wants to feel like their shedding the Freshman 15 under a spotlight (or the senior 15…) But don’t you fret… we’ve got you covered.

If you would rather run away from O’Pake than into O’Pake, start scrolling.

1. The steps outside the library 

After a long hard day at the library, head outside to the concrete steps under Barbelin. Get your Jenny Craig on and show the SJU community how fit you are.

2. Sweeney Field Bleachers

As close to being on a D1 team as you can get- Sweeney Field Bleachers are a great place to break a sweat and show the sports teams who they’re missing

3. Merion Side of Campus

Nothing like the peace and quiet of mansions and nature. Running behind Merion is the perfect place to clear your mind (and maybe even check out the baseball team while you’re at it).                                                                    

4. Manayunk Toepath

Don’t live near campus? Run off your junky in the yunky.

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