Many modern studies argue that it is not the background noise of the music, but rather the improved mood that your favorite music provides as a boost in productivity. Everyone has a go to song, whether it be a song to pick-up their mood or to keep them in the feels. Many music apps offer different playlist for all different kinds of activities, such as working out, studying, relaxing, or walking to class. Music is a good assistant for helping with productivity. Here is a list of songs that are guaranteed to make you more productive in the activities you take part in!

Working Out

Student works out while listening to “Power” by Kanye West. Photo Credit to Nora Kenney.

The best kind of distraction while working out is a great playlist. People sing along with the songs instead of focusing on the pain that comes along with running or lifting weights.  Also, music helps you keep a good pace and can encourage you to work harder. A popular theme song for many that is guaranteed to pump you up is “Power” by Kayne West. If you looking for a different kind of rhythm try “Tap Dance” by Octave Minds ft. Chance the Rapper, which provides an upbeat sound with piano that allows you to constantly run to an easy beat.

Listen to our Spotify playlist for working out!


Student completes homework while listening to “Finish Line/ Drown” by Chance the Rapper. Photo Credit to Nora Kenney.

Large amounts of stress comes with studying and music is a nice aid to helps you relax or calm your nerves. Music can also help focus you on getting the four page essay that is due tomorrow. A great album to help you focus on the task at hand is the soundtrack from “We Bought a Zoo”. This album is filled with tons of soft, calming songs. And you can never go wrong with a song from Coldplay, especially “Trouble”. If you just finished studying for a huge test and you want some relaxing music, try “Say Something Loving” by The xx.

Listen to our Spotify playlist for studying or relaxing!

Walking to Class

Student walks to class, listening to music. Photo Credit to Nora Kenney.

When you are trying to make all the way to opposite side of campus in minutes, it is necessary to have a killer playlist. You need a playlist to help you speed walk past the slow walkers who are about to make you late to class. Try everyone’s all-time favorite song “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. This is a fun upbeat song that will help you to not get frustrated with the slow walkers in front of you. Or if you want a catchy song guaranteed to make you feel good, try Thomas Rhett’s, “Leave Right Now”.

Listen to Spotify playlist for walking to class!

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