Not only is Kanye West a huge icon in the music industry, but he’s a popular trend setter in the fashion world. He may be a difficult person to understand, but he seems to have major fashion influence, especially on the younger generation. People really listen to Kanye West and his sense of style. It’s unique, cool, and fashion forward. Everyone wants to be as cool and stylish as Kanye. Though his clothing and shoe line is nowhere near affordable, it is simple to mimic the “Yeezy” look.

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The Yeezy style is an effortless look with a sporty and laid-back vibe. Most of the clothing is neutral colors like blush and taupe tones. He makes a lot of over-sized outerwear such as hoodies, sweaters, and jackets. Classic ripped jeans and tons of layers are a typical Yeezy look. His shoes are typically military boots, knee-high boots, or a classic old fashioned pair of Adidas sneakers.

The Yeezy look is easy to pull off. It’s simple to mimic because it mostly involves taking old clothing and making it look more distressed. Anyone can easily find a plain oversized tee-shirt and rip it up. I personally like to go through my older brother or dad’s closet and take some of their old tees or even sweatshirts and wear them as a dress. I also like to shop at thrift stores for over-sized denim jackets, varsity jackets, trench coats, or sweaters. Then I like to wear graphic tees, tanks, or dresses underneath. I like pairing them with a simple pair of Nike Roches to mimic Yeezy Adidas sneakers or my old pair of work boots. I also love taking an old pair of jeans and giving them a distressed look. To do this I use sand paper to make the color more faded then take a cheese grader or scissors to make tons of rips.

The pictures below are representations of the classic Yeezy look. You don’t need the riches of Kanye to feel and look like a member of the Yeezy squad.

It’s Yeezy Season.


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