Recently, I saw the live-action film of Beauty and the Beast and it blew me away. The original animated film is one of my favorite Disney films, so I had high expectations for the remake. Luckily, the movie exceeded them and offered even more. This film is utterly breathtaking and wonderfully nostalgic. It reminded me of my first time experiencing the magic of the original movie. After stepping out of the theater upon my first viewing, all I wanted to do was to go back in and watch it again. These are five times the new Beauty and the Beast film actually made my jaw drop.

1. Dress Reveal

Gif Credit: Jynserso

The first time Belle’s iconic dress was revealed, all my childhood dreams came true. It was a perfect combination of the original and a modern reinterpretation. With its soft layers and gold detailing, this dress was made for royalty. It seemed to be perfect already, yet somehow, the costume designers made it a hundred times better by subtracting the long gloves and adding a gold ear cuff instead. Belle is officially a hipster Disney princess.

2. Ballroom Scene

Gif Credit: Rose-Tylers

Of course, the ballroom scene was incredible. Hearing the infamous song, “Beauty and the Beast” sung by Mrs. Potts, brought me back to the original movie. I thought there would be no way to top that, but alas I was proven wrong – thank god. From the effortless, graceful movements, the flow of the dress, and the glowing pinpoints of light, this scene was simply beautiful. It was as though every single frame was crafted by the gods of Disney cinema.

3. “Be My Guest”

Gif Credit: Romanovanatalia

Lemme say, my favorite scene in Beauty and the Beast was always the “Be My Guest” number. I expected the scene in the live-action movie to pay tribute to the original scene. Little did I know, the creators decided to outdo the source material. In the new movie, the scene is a hundred times as magical. With the technicolor lighting and the extravagant CGI-aided choreography, this scene was unforgettable. I left the theater singing the catchy lyrics and reenacting Lumiere’s impressive showmanship.

4. Original Songs

One of the best aspects of the new film is the additional songs. They allowed for deeper understandings of the characters’ emotions and motivations, especially that of the Beast. The original song, “Evermore,” is played after Belle has to leave the Beast to save her father from the townspeople. Combined with heartbreaking imagery of Belle in her gown fleeing the castle and the Beast forlornly gazing at her retreating figure, the scene was a perfectly aimed shot to the heart. I might have cried a little. And, listened to it on repeat after I went home. What can I say? It was just that good. Take a listen and become obsessed.

5. Lefou’s Homosexuality

Gif Credit: Tumblr

Lefou’s homosexuality was a surprising, and completely welcome, change to the original film. Even though the evidence is only a few comments from the character himself and short snippet of Lefou dancing with another man, it still had the desired impact. It’s great to see a company as large and recognizable as Disney supporting and representing the LGBTQIA community. This addition was the perfect deviation from the original animation as it truly brought the film into the twenty-first century.

If this enthusiastic gushing wasn’t enough to convince you to see the film, then I don’t know what will. Just know you’re missing out on a truly beautiful and magical film. Please go see it. If not for yourself, then for me, so I live vicariously through you.


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