Students at Saint Joseph’s University have most of their meals during the year at Campion Dining Hall, where they look at the same walls, people and pillars every day.

Luckily enough there are plenty of places with many price ranges, where students can escape this dreariness and eat while enjoying stunning views from all over the city of Philadelphia.

Here are three of the best places to check out.

Belmont Plateau                                                                                                           The only thing better than a good meal is a free meal. If you are looking to follow this piece of wisdom then Belmont Plateau is the place for you. Located in Fairmont Park, ten minutes away from campus, Belmont Plateau has unmatched panoramic views of the Philadelphia skyline.

How much must does it cost for a view like this? Nothing! Belmont Plateau is completely free to attend, as you bring your own food. Just come with enough barbeque for the whole group, some drinks, and materials for a picnic and enjoy.

Catie Oliverio ’20

Morgan’s Pier                                                                                                          Belmont Plateau is a great place to eat, but for most college students if we want a truly great meal someone else has to cook it for us. If we want this at a reasonable price while still enjoying a scenic view than Morgan’s Pier is the place to go.

With a great view overlooking the Delaware River and right underneath the Ben Franklin Bridge this is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal while not completely breaking your bank account. Grab some fries and a burger for $14 as well as beverages priced reasonably to go along with the beautiful view.

Catie Oliverio ’20

R2L                                                                                                                            R2L is on the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place giving your dinner a bird’s eye view over the city. Because it is such an elegant place, the food does come at a premium price, but it is somewhere for students to go for special occasions. If you want to take out that special someone, you can’t do much better than R2L.

Enjoy some of the sides such as Lobster Macaroni & Cheese or Bacon sliders, possibly at Happy Hour to take advantage of the cheaper drinks. If the occasion is really special (or you’re lucky enough to have someone else paying for the meal) enjoy the lobster tails or crab cakes for $48 and $55.

Catie Oliverio ’20

Now that you’ve seen these three different places with three different spectacular views, check them out and find out which one is most worth it to you.

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