Caroline Brauckmann


Small town girl turned big city girl, Caroline Brauckmann embarks on her new journey as she leaves Bucks County to take on Philadelphia.

 Caroline is in her freshman year at Saint Joseph’s University. Caroline is majoring in Communication Studies. Caroline also is interested in the business field. She is strongly considering adding a minor to her schedule. Marketing is the field of business that sparked her interest. 

 Inspired by two of her older cousins, Caroline decided to apply to Saint Joseph’s University. Caroline was able to visit the school before the pandemic so she was able to fully experience the university. When making her decision to come here, she liked the idea that the school was adapting to the pandemic and actually allowing students on campus. 

Coming into college as a freshman can be a nerve-racking experience; however, Caroline seems to be adjusting just fine. Caroline expressed to me some of the things she has learned thus far being away at school. One of her hardest adjustments has been living with others and being away from her family. 

Caroline has a close relationship with her family. In the summer Caroline`s family spends time together at their Ocean City home. Caroline enjoys going down to the beach whenever she has the chance. 

Being family-oriented, Caroline decided to rush a sorority here at school. Caroline is a new member of the Alpha Phi sorority. Caroline loves being in Alpha Phi. She enjoys forming new friendships and being involved in the philanthropy aspect as well. In addition to Alpha Phi, Caroline is a member of the Relay for Life Club. 

She looks forward to her future here at Saint Joseph’s University as it is just getting started. Caroline hopes to continue being involved on campus and take advantage of all the opportunities Philadelphia offers. 

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