Natalie Nevins is a sophomore majoring in English with a minor in Communications. She is from New Jersey and is a participating member  of the women’s soccer team. Additionally, Natalie assists students as a tutor at the writing center. Although these activities keep her busy, Natalie also finds time to be the assistant features editor at The Hawk, St. Joseph’s student run campus newspaper. As an athlete, Natalie was inspired to play soccer on campus by her dad.  Natalie’s father held the position of soccer coach at Villanova University. In fact, her dad’s tenure at Villanova earned him a place in the soccer Hall of Fame there.  During the interview, Natalie complimented her dad and  referred to him  as, “The best role model and mentor”. Natalie Indicated that she  looked forward to playing soccer in the Philadelphia area, due to her father’s connection to Villanova University. 

In the future, Natalie hopes to become even more involved on campus. In fact, one regret that Natalie shared is that she did not get involved in campus activities sooner. As a freshman, activities on campus were limited because of Covid. Restrictions regarding gatherings on campus proved challenging. However, this year Natalie has made a concerted effort to become more involved and expand her social circle. Even as a student-athlete, with little time for other activities, Natalie has made a commitment to engage even more. That is one of the reasons Natalie chose to accept admission to St. Joe’s. She indicated that she loved all of the opportunities on campus and the “very supportive” athletic department. As a tutor, Natalie’s goal is to help St. Joseph University students become excellent writers. She also wants to become a positive role model and mentor for other female student athletes. 

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