For many students, the cost of a college education can be scary and expensive. Luckily, Saint Jospeh’s University provides students with the opportunity to get a job that helps with their tuition through the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program. As defined by the university, “The Federal Work Study Program provides eligible students with employment during the academic year and in some cases, summer.” There are many different jobs available on campus where students can work. Such settings include academic offices for specific departments, advising centers, the mailroom, and many others.

Charlie Scholl ’25 / Source: Paul Urban

“Work-study,” as it is commonly referred to by students, is known to have many benefits beyond the work aspect of it. While it obviously provides students with money through employment that can be used for their tuition, it also can create academic and social opportunities as well. Charlie Scholl ’25 is a first-year student who participates in the work-study program here at school. His position is in the mailroom, where he is responsible for receiving and distributing packages to and from students. “One of the benefits of work-study is getting to know more people and getting to familiarize myself with more people on campus,” says Scholl. “I like work-study because it allows me to pay for school and finish school at the same time.”

Students can apply for work-study through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If eligible, applications for most of the positions can be found on the Handshake website. The pay will vary depending on the job itself, but wages typically range from $8 to $10 an hour. Undergraduate students are usually paid by the hour and on a bi-weekly basis, but graduate students can be paid hourly or have a salary. One major benefit is that students can keep what they earn. You have to pay student loans back with interest, however that’s not what all of it can go towards. The money can be saved, spent or used as “pocket money”, or put towards tuition depending on the situation and your preference.

Barbelin Hall / Source: Ally Snyder

The rewards are definitely more than just financial. A work-study job in any department at St. Joe’s can offer valuable experience that could guide, alter or solidify future career choices. Schools offer convenient ways to find accommodating, flexible jobs built around class schedules. Hence, work-study can be a great way for students to earn extra money while completing school and building a résumé.

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