List of all of the upcoming events hosted by the Career Center for Spring Semester!
Photo Credit to Kate Engel

Finding potential internships and job opportunities can be stressful. It is a common misconception that most career fairs on campus are geared towards business majors only. However, all majors can find opportunities at the Career Fair. The Career Development Center on campus is here to help other majors in the fields beyond the Career Fair.

  Dr. Lisa Hansinger, the associate director of the Career Development Center, discusses her role there, “We meet with students individually and encourage them to come in and ask questions about their career path, and what they are interested in”

There is a test known as the Focus 2, which is divided into three parts: interest, personality, and skill. The test helps students choose a major, build career goals, and gather information about a job.”

Hansinger explains that not every career fair will have the same number of employers or the same number of students because they have to find a balance between “who wants to come and who do our students want to speak to”.  Not everyone will find success at every Career Fair, that is why Hansinger recommends checking out the list of employers beforehand and attending other events such as the Prepare for the Fairs Workshop.  

Dr. Hansinger also provides advice to the non-business majors who have attended career fairs and have felt that it was not their place. “Follow up with us, the career fair is not for everyone” She also says the Career Development works with alumni. “We also work with alumni in a variety of fields”

In addition to providing advice to students, Dr. Hansinger states,  “There are a lot of events, we definitely support other majors in a variety of ways” She is saying that 

“Some of these are general events” these are referring to employers coming and offering advice to students. 

There are career fairs in both the fall and spring semesters. And not everyone has the same career path. Everyone has their own goals and interests in finding a job or internship that fits best for them. 

In addition to supporting students in finding jobs and internships and working on building resumes, the Career Development Center also offers individual one-on-one consultations and presentations.

Students are often weary of the business attire aspect of career events and other employment events. Luckily, the Career Development Center also offers a women’s center where students can buy professional clothing for a job interview. It is open on Monday through Thursday from 9-5 and is located in Saint Albert’s Annex across the street from Sweeney Field. The Career Development Center is here on campus to support the students. Students do not have to come in for a specific question, as they can build a relationship with one of the staff and help them develop skills for the real world. 

 The Career Center values student feedback and is always looking to host events that students express interest in!

Photo Credit to Kate Engel

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