This semester SJU’s theatre company will be putting on a production of The Who’s Tommy. The show for people that don’t know, has all original music from The Who’s album, Tommy. So, for all the fans of The Who that are worried that it will be different they kept the music pretty similar to the original album.

Courtesy of the SJU Theatre Company Instagram

This show is a great rock opera that has a lot of important topics in it that I think everyone should see. In the show they bring up topics of dealing with being different, redemption, and finding oneself all while having an awesome rock score underneath. Some people that you might know in this production could be John Degnan ’18, who will be playing Tommy, Seniors Abigail Gorman and Sean Hogan playing the Walkers, or Peter Born another senior who will be playing Cousin Kevin. The show opens on February 22-25th at 8pm and 26th at 2pm. All shows will be in the Bluett Theatre. Hope to see you there!


~Amanda Strydio


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