The past few weeks, the flu has been going around campus and taking down students left and right. Classes have been empty, and the health center has been filled with sick students struggling to get better. If you are stressing about staying healthy, here are some of the best ways for SJU students to avoid the flu on hawk hill.

  1. Get a Flu Shot:

It’s never too late in the season to get a flu shot. The health center provides all students the opportunity to get a free flu shot, and it is the best way to avoid different strains of the flu virus this season. Stop by the health center and get yours today.

  1. Utilize the hand sanitizer stations:

These things are everywhere and unfortunately they always go unrecognized by students. From campion to the library to the academic buildings, hand sanitizer stations are posted all around campus. Every time you walk into a new building, a quick rinse is the best way to avoid all the bacteria that was on the door handle you just touched.


  1. Sharing is not caring:

During this time of year, sharing is definitely not caring on Hawk hill. Sharing drinks, food, pencils, and phones are the #1 way to pass along a virus between students. Since college campus’ are already considered petri dishes filled with bacteria, this season maybe buy your own water bottle and hawk-wrap instead of taking a bite from your friends.


  1. Wipe down everything before you use it:

The gym, your desk, a new study spot at the library, you don’t know who was sitting there 10 minutes before you. Wiping down your area with a to-go pack wipes is the best way to beat the flu. This is especially important at the gym, so utilize the free wipes in Opaque and Hagan to wipe down every piece of equipment before and after you use it.

  1. Eat and drink vitamin C, and take daily vitamins

The best way to avoid getting sick is to continuing to strengthen your immune system by taking daily vitamins, or drinking vitamin C. The pod sells daily vitamins for men and women and Campion always has a ton of oranges in stock, so next time your grabbing a quick bite, stock up on oranges for a study break snack that fights the flu.

Good luck to everyone as we battle through 2017’s cold and flu season, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Katie O’Brien ’18

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