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     Whether it’s the first semester of your freshman year or finals week as a senior, there comes a point in your college career where you simply just need your Mom! You can always talk to your friends, your roommate or sister but for the most part there is nothing that your mother has not experienced that you have. Some of our Hawk Hill peers have shared some of the best advice their mothers have given them when times got tough.

  1. “Always take the stairs” -Samantha Haines’ Mom ‘19

If you ever heard of the “Freshman fifteen” you know it’s really not a myth. It’s usually due to a change in diet that involve fatty and carb loaded foods and drink. However, taking the stairs rather than the elevator works wonders if you’re trying to burn some extra calories or simply just stay in shape!    

 2.  “Speak up and let your voice be heard” -Jessica Crosby’s Mom ‘19

It’s easy for to sit in the back of the room during a lecture or not introduce yourself to people at an event, but in these small SJU classrooms, state your opinion and get to know your professor—even if it is a larger class.   

3. “The only person you need to depend on is yourself”– Anna Birmingham’s Mom ‘20

This advice works in both relationships and in the classroom. You cannot rely on other people to make you happy and you also cannot rely on other people to get the work done. See the good and intelligence in yourself and trust   

 4. “Get off Instagram” -Erin Mullin’s Mom ‘19

Today, we have so many distractions that out parents did not. Being in school and receiving in an education from an institution like SJU, is something to not take for granted—especially with this tuition. Eliminate the phone and get your work done.     

5. “Carry your Hawk Pride everywhere you go”– Caitlin Kennedy’s Mom ‘19

Be yourself, own who you are and where you come from. Being an SJU Hawk is something to be proud of just like being the person you are in something you should always be proud of. Live the magis and impact others.    

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-Cailyn Charlesworth

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