I’m hoping as much as the next person that the weather we experienced this past weekend is here to stay. It sure would make getting out of bed a lot simpler, especially for those people who walk to class from Pennbrook, Lancaster Courts and other campus housing that is far away. The biggest question I have had every morning this winter when I am driving along city avenue to my classes is “how are these people not freezing walking to class right now?” So I decided to ask a couple people who are bold enough to face the early morning cold.

Lots of layers is the primary answer I got, and the highly recommended suggestion of investing in a long Northface winter coat or Canada Goose winter coat. I did not get a lot of responses of people wearing gloves or mittens, a lot of people just stick to putting their hands in their pockets. A couple people even mentioned that on super cold days they use hand warmers. With the big trend of hats being “cool” again a lot of people wear them and scarves in order to help avoid the cold.

The question I also asked was why not take the shuttle, and a majority of people said the schedule is not very accurate, and the walk is not as bad as some would think as long as you bundle up enough.

As long as you have the correct layers on, therefore multiple of them, the walk to class in the early brutally cold mornings are bearable. Maybe invest in a couple packs of hand warmers, and you can survive it. The cold helps wake you up so by the time you’re to your class you are wide awake!

-Danielle Bunten

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