Get ready for the most dramatic night of your life. Saint Joseph’s University’s own drama club Followed by a Bear is putting on their yearly show called “Night of Scenes.”

This show is composed of original sketches written and directed by SJU students. Junior Joanna Sorge, Senior Vice president Rose Weldon, and Sophomore Louis Serlenga are very dedicated members who will look back on their experiences with the show and give us their most memorable moments.

Junior Joanna Sorge explained how her favorite scene to act was called “Channel Surfing.” She said, “It was kind of like a Wizard Of Oz movie where the main person was dreaming and it was flipping through the channels where they flipped to different shows…I was Blue from “Blue’s Clues.”

Joanna Sorge (left), Louis Serlenga (center), Rose Weldon (right)

Sophomore Louis Serlenga dabbles in directing and writing. In fact, this is his first year directing for the show. “My cast that I have has just been so open to just jumping into their characters and just doing whatever it is they need to do to get a laugh.” His favorite scene was one that involved a dysfunctional couple that in the end were both cheating on each other.

Vice President and head writer Rose Weldon loved to act in comedic scenes but that changed after the Spring 2018 semester. That year Weldon acted in a dramatic scene where she played a wife who was being cheated on by her husband with her protege. Weldon loves to act in comedic scenes but after acting in her first dramatic scene she said, “It was so good to be a dramatic lead for once.”

Even though Serlenga, Weldon and Sorge all have different favorite scenes there is one thing that binds them together. The feeling of togetherness that Followed By a Bear brings. They got more than just acting experience from the club, they got a team, a band of brothers, a family. The show is taking place this Saturday at the Perch here at Saint Joseph’s University.

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