As kids, we desired to be somebody else.  Whether it was a cartoon character, pop star, or famous athlete, our child selves wanted to imitate our idols.  With impressions, you can.

Students all over campus have secret talents.  In this audio piece, you will hear three Saint Joe’s freshmen (Michael Weiss, Michael Barker, and Olivia Robinson) give their best impressions.

One of the many secret talents we found from the students of SJU are impressions; but that’s not all.  Michael Weiss, a member of SJU student senate, surprised everyone with his Scooby-Doo impression.  He has the ability to both lead and entertain the student body.

Having the ability to hear a voice or sound and recreate it is a talent.  The students who gave impressions use their abilities to both shock and charm their peers.  You never know what secret talents people possess until you ask them.  Do you have a secret talent?

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