Tattoos are a very permanent and personal form of self-expression etched onto your body forever, but may not reflect the impression other people have of you. On the Youtube Series “Lineup” on The Cut, people are put into a room with a group of strangers and the “guesser” has to guess someone’s traits based on the episode’s topic, like who’s a virgin or who’s a sex worker.

“Lineup” is very popular around campus. We decided to try it out with some of our fellow Hawks, but a more PG version. For our episode, we asked the guesser to figure out which tattoo belonged to which person. The “guesser” was shown pictures of multiple tattoos and attempted to match them all correctly by asking vague questions to try and aid in her attempts.

For this “Lineup,” you will meet tattooed freshmen Jayne Baran, Sophia Vannello, Delaney Dearing, Brendan Heffernan, and Declan Donaher who all had their tattoos guessed by freshman Olivia Ferraro. 

Ferraro only managed to guess one tattoo correctly, proving that you should not always judge or assume characteristics of people. All over the world, people judge other people based on their looks, clothing, or accent.


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