…and registration begins.

We’re halfway through the semester, and we all know what that means: registration for next semester is coming up! And if you’re not a D1 athlete or an Honors student, you probably don’t have that 7 AM pick time (must be nice). So, what does that mean for the rest of us, specifically those of us with the dreaded 3:00 pick time?

Well, here to help is our list of five things you can do to make your late registration time a little more painless:

Have a backup plan for your backup plan.

Let’s face facts – if you’ve got a 3:00 pick time, you’re most likely not going to get your first choice for most of your classes. Or your second. Or maybe even your third. Keep track of which classes are still open throughout the day leading up to your pick time so you know what options are still available for you. Have a back-up plan for when that section you wanted fills up! What section are you going to take instead? And how is it going to affect the rest of your schedule? And what if that section fills up? This sounds a bit of over the top, but there’s nothing worse than watching a class fill up and having no idea what to take instead. Always have a backup plan! (Tip: Use SJU’s handy schedule builder to stay organized!)

The multi-step process to completing registration.

Be ready when it’s time to register!

When it finally comes time for you to register, don’t waste your time searching for each class. Have those CRNs ready so you can have your schedule submitted as soon as possible. Also, make sure you’re actually ready when it’s time to register. Be at your laptop, The Nest open on your browser, ready to register. If you have class during your registration time, talk to your professor. If your professors are understanding, they’ll probably let you take your laptop out and register during class. Speaking of professors, use the website Rate My Professors to find which professors to take (and which to avoid) for your courses. It’s an extremely invaluable resource and has helped me out on so many occasions.

Your advisor is your friend!

In the chaos of class registration, your advisor will always be there to help you rearrange your classes. Course sequences are available for each major (for example, here’s the course sequence for my major), and your advisor can help you move things around so you’re still on track for future semesters. During registration time, they’ll probably be swamped with a lot of emails from all of their panicked advisees, but they’ll be able to help you if you need it.

The Advising Center can answer any questions you have about registration.

Wait lists, wait lists, wait lists!

Didn’t get the class you needed? Don’t panic yet! When it comes to class registration, patience is key. If you have the chance to get on a wait list, do it! Even if you don’t end up taking that class, it’s always good to have the option there. When I’m registering for classes, there will be times when I’m on 10-20 different wait lists at once. While that is kind of excessive, you get the point. Wait lists are so useful because, even up until the day before classes start, people are constantly changing their schedules. I once got off of a wait list the night before classes began! So definitely use wait lists, because they might save you some day.

When all else fails, overrides are there for a reason.

Can’t get into a class that you need to take as a perquisite for the rest of your major? Don’t worry. Professors and department heads are usually very willing to help you get an override if you need one.

As hard as it may be, try not to let class registration overwhelm you too much. We all go through having a horrible pick time at one point or another, and it always works out in the end. So, yes, you’ll still graduate on time and yes, you’ll get that sweet 9:00 pick time eventually. Until then, happy registering and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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