The dreaded 3 p.m. pick time. Will there even be any classes left to sign up for? Will I have to take all 8 a.m. classes?

A late registration time is frustrating, but don’t give up hope! Sometimes really great surprises can come out of the last slots. Here are a couple of examples of late registration times turning into blessings in disguise.

“My favorite schedule so far”

“[I had a 3 pm pick time and] I felt that I was not going to get any of the classes that I had planned for and wanted. I also had to make about three different schedule options which wasn’t fun, but made me feel a little better.

My schedule turned out really well, actually. I really focused on getting the best teachers I could and made that a priority of time because I knew I could get used to time and it worked out really well.  I tried to keep an open mind and I managed to have a good amount of free time in between classes which I didn’t want at first but ended up loving.”

-Caroline Glavin ’18

Caroline Glavin ’18

“Ended up with a good group of friends”

“I ended up with a good group of friends in my classes. We’ve all become pretty close. I even had two classes back to back end up in the same room which is sweet.”

-Callie Stewart ’21

Callie Stewart ’21


“The Boss is great”

“I was one of the last people to actually go to the computers and register for classes. So, [the 4:40-5:30 management class] was the only option I had for management, and I had to do that because of my major. And I was like ‘oh man, that’s gonna stink’, ya know? Because I have it until 5:30, but the professor is actually my favorite teacher now. So, it’s good.”

“We call our management teacher the boss. I’ve heard people say, ‘aww it’s such a bummer that this class is so late at night, but the boss is great, so it’s fine being here this late’”.

-Lindsay Devlin ’21

Lindsay Devlin ’21

“I enjoy them so much”

“My schedule only worked with all night labs. But I enjoy them so much more than I think I would day labs. I feel like I have a lot more time during the day.”

-Aidyn Rogers ’21

Aidyn Rogers ’21

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