College is a very stressful and mentally draining time in all student’s lives. Even now that midterms are over, you might still be exhausted and have little to no motivation to get their work done. However, the workload is only going to pick up from this point on, so it is important that you keep your drive up to finish with a solid grade. Here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated in tiring times!

Don’t work on an empty stomach

Healthy food makes you feel great about yourself! Photo Credits: Steffany Affatato ’19.

Whenever you sit down to get a good study session in, it is never a good idea to start without having a nice meal beforehand. If you try studying without anything in your stomach, it will only distract you and you will not be able to focus. Treat yourself to a great meal before the grind starts so that you feel good while you work and are energized.

Watch an inspiring movie

Rocky is a classic pump up. Photo Credits: Steffany Affattly ’19

What better way to get yourself going than watch someone else do it before. Movies can be an excellent source of inspiration that you need to pump yourself up to work hard and do great. Since we go to school in Philadelphia, one movie automatically comes to mind: Rocky. Rocky is the ultimate underdog story. What better way to motivate yourself to finish a paper than to watch Philadelphia native Rocky Balboa push himself to the max for the biggest fight of his life. It will never fail to pump you up.

Listen to a pump up song

Music always helps; with a good playlist everything is better. Photo Credits: Steffany Affattly ’19

Movies are a big time commitment, especially during school when you are constantly working. A good alternative to this would be listening music that gets you hype! This is a much more personal tactic as songs have different meanings for each person. A tune that others may find boring or dull might get you super pumped. So on your walk from your dorm to the library, put on some jams and crank the volume up to 11!

Surround yourself with inspirational quotes and messages.

Motivational quotes thta inspire you. Photo Credits: Steffany Affatato ’19

In all craziness that happens on a college campus, it might be difficult to find time to motivate yourself. One very easy and effective way of getting your drive back is surrounding yourself with quotes or sayings that really hit home. One simple way is to find an inspiring phone wallpaper. Another popular method is printing out sayings and posting them around your dorm so you are constantly given the inspiration you need to tackle your next task.

It is very easy to find yourself down and without any sort of motivation during these long, mid-semester weeks. However there are several simple ways to keep your drive up in these tiring times. We are past the halfway point in the semester so don’t let yourself fall behind and keep up the hard work!


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