It’s the end of the semester and the work seems to be piling up. You’re stressed beyond belief and Christmas break is so close you can almost taste it. So how can you keep it together without losing your SH*T? Keep reading to find out…

Make To-do Lists

At the end of year all your tests and projects start to pile up and it is hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. A to-do list helps you organize all those things that has to be accomplished. Put the most important project or the one that has the soonest due date at the top of the list, at the bottom of the list put the less important projects. Try to not let all your projects pile up so your to-do list is a page long this will make you overwhelmed and confused with what to cross of your list. As you soon you get a project write it down on your to- do list and get started on it as soon as possible. The sooner you get things done the sooner you get cross it off your list and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing out a task!

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Ask About Extra Credit

As the end of the semester approaches, panic tends to set in among students around campus. Exams are approaching, and students are running out of time and assignments to boost their grade. If you’re not exactly confident that the upcoming final exam will benefit your grade, definitely ask your professor about extra credit. Many professors will give extra credit if you attend one of the on campus lectures. There will typically be a sign-in sheet so that your professors know that you attended. Be sure to check out when those lectures are happening so that you can get the extra credit you need for the right class. Professors will also assign extra credit essays and homework, which can really make a difference in the end. One essay could change that B+ to an A-.  

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Stay Sane

During any stressful time, it’s easy to neglect your mental health. You may think pulling all-nighters and spending 24 hours in a stiff library chair will help when it comes to studying for finals and finishing important projects. However, this will only aggravate the situation. Staying sane should be top priority. Don’t pull all-nighters; studies show college students need eight hours of sleep a night to function properly. Even if you can run efficiently on less, everyone has a crashing point, and you don’t want that point to be in the middle of a test. Fuel up! Make sure you eat three healthy meals a day. A half hour break to go to campion won’t make you fail a test. Don’t spend all day in the library. Your brain needs time to rest. Call your mom for a comforting distraction, or to the gym if you need to let off steam.

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Limit Distractions

You’ve worked hard all year, you’re one exam away from finishing the semester, and you’re about to go home for a month. It’s easy to push it aside and skip straight to winter break. This isn’t the time to lay in bed and binge Season 2 of Stranger Things or browse Black Friday deals. Finals seem daunting, but if you limit yourself from becoming distracted and put the time into preparing for the big exam, you can reward yourself with all the Netflix you want. Picking a certain place to study or get work done can help with concentration, and motivate you to work. Going to the library can help put you in the academic mindset needed to tackle finals, and can offer help and extra hours that can be useful during that last push before the exam. So turn off the TV, turn on “Do Not Disturb”, put the phone down, and focus on getting an A on those exams.  

Image By: Carly Van Houten

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