The front desk workers: You love some, you hate some, but you have to see them every day. We decided to interview a few of the front desk workers at each of the four the freshman dorms to find out about their experiences. To our surprise, they didn’t share consistent crazy stories of wild freshman causing havoc on a Saturday night. Instead we heard a wide variety of responses.

Name: Elaine

Location: Sourin

How long they worked at SJU: 13 Years

Story: Elaine was happy to explain what loved about the students she has met while working at the front desk of Sourin. Elaine has worked in a wide variety of buildings, but she assured us that Sourin is by far the best dorm to work in. She said she has met the sweetest kids at her job and enjoys the small opportunities to talk and connect with them. She added that the most heartwarming aspect of her job is the ability to watch to watch these students “grow up” from freshman in Sourin to seniors living in Manayunk that stop by to visit her. She told us, “nothing could make her heart happier.” *cue the tears*

Name: Eric

Location: Mcshain Hall

How long they worked at SJU: 5 Years

Story: When asked to describe some of his experiences as a front desk attendant at a freshman dorm, Eric said there is only one thing that sticks with him through out his entire career here at SJU. He said, “It can be twenty degrees outside and these kids are out here walking around in shorts. Now that’s crazy. What is wrong with these kids? Do they not get cold? Not afraid of getting sick? I don’t know, but to me that’s just crazy.”

So please, students of Mcshain, lose the shorts in cold weather for Eric’s sake.

Name: Randi

Location: Lafarge

How long they worked at SJU: 4 Years

Story: According to Randi, this is an easy job. Surprising right? You would think the complete opposite. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty amazed that anyone can label, “dealing with drunk freshman,” as an easy job.

Name: Mike

Location: Villiger

How long they worked at SJU: 5 Years

Story: When asked for his experiences the only phrase we could get out of him was, “No comment.” We have an idea about what that may mean, but hey, take it as you may.


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