With the holiday season comes inspired foods and drinks that get our taste buds in the spirit. Turkey, cranberries, stuffing and gravy are are essential foods on thanksgiving and putting them in a sandwich may just be the best recipe yet.

Craving a thanksgiving feast before break? No problem, check out these near by chain restaurants we found to have mouthwatering holiday sandwiches perfect for kicking off the holiday fun!

1. Starbucks

The Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Panini-Nenagh Sheehan

The Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Panini  from starbucks is a delicious way to escape the cold and eat a nice warm meal. Slices of turkey breast are topped with cranberry stuffing, herbs,and gravy all inside a toasted focaccia roll.

Starbucks is located on Saint Joseph’s university campus, and has easy access for students to try the new holiday sandwich!
Click here to find Starbucks

2. Panera Bread

Turkey Cranberry Panini- Emily Shields

Panera Bread mixed the original recipe up and added cheese!

The Turkey Cranberry Panini contains a mixture of light and dark turkey meat, cranberry sauce, pecans, brie cheese, scallions and dijon mustard to add some extra flavoring. All stuffed in between two pieces of Panera’s signature warm panini bread, creating the perfect taste for the holiday season.

The nearest Panera is located here.

3. Wawa

Hot Turkey Gobbler- Davashaye Jones

Wawa went above and beyond to get people in the holiday spirit by adding three new thanksgiving inspired meals to their menu. The Hot Turkey Gobbler, Hot Turkey Bowl and Hot Turkey Hoagie.

The most famous one with a name hard to forget is The Hot Turkey Gobbler.  The Gobbler includes hot slices of turkey topped with creamy gravy, cranberry sauce and stuffing. All inside  a hoagie bread of your choosing.

Here is the nearest Wawa.

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