Well, the title speaks for itself. When I came to Saint Joseph’s University, the idea of joining a sorority was just about the equivalent of joining a cult. From movies and stories I’ve heard over the years, sororities seemed like a clique, where you had to go through torturous rituals and fit a certain image in order to be accepted. When most of my friends told me they were rushing, I was half worried and half angry. I didn’t want them to change in order to fit in, and I wanted them to view sororities the same way I did.

So the rushing process began, and I continued to hear about the fun they were having meeting all these new people and potential friends. I began to feel a bit jealous, but I still knew in my heart that sororities were not for me.

Photo Courtesy of Alpha Omricon Pi
Alpha Omicron Pi welcomes new members.

As bid day came, many people I knew were chosen for the same sorority, and I saw the day unfold through endless snapchat stories. I saw the smiling faces of upperclassmen welcoming my friends into their world, their sisterhood. Now, as I hear about the people, and the events, and the fun these girls have I wish I was a part of it all. As people find their “sisters,” I feel as if I don’t have a group that chooses me. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself: “Kaitlyn, get over yourself,” and I would be open to the whole process instead of blowing I off completely simply based on prior judgments. College is about trying new things, and stepping out of your comfort zone, and since I stayed guarded in the safety of my circle, I cut myself off from the potential to make lifetime friends and sisters.

-Kaitlyn Patterson


Featured image courtesy of Colleen Duddy ’20

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