Charlie is originally from Fairfield, Connecticut. He is a freshman Human Resources and People Management major and a Communication minor at Saint Joseph’s University

One of Charlie’s proudest moments was to come out to his family and friends about his sexuality during senior year of high school. For Charlie, although he grew up as a gay man in the Catholic Church, he never allowed himself to feel defeated or less than others because of his sexuality. As Charlie said: “before I was out and shy, now I am out and proud”. It reflects his mindset of being himself and that his true friends will accept him for who he is with no limitations. 

Charlie is also a part of the SJU Club Running. Growing up, his family was always involved in some type of running because of annual family competitions. Charlie first started running in 5th grade, and his very first race was with his family in a nearby town’s annual Thanksgiving Day 5k Race. The winner in the family was decided by places the best in our age group. During high school he ran cross country and later joined the track team. Being on the track team was a significant part for Charlie to find his love for running again. In his senior year of high school, Charlie ended up being on Varsity for cross country and on the Varsity Captains for both indoor and outdoor.

Attending Saint Joseph’s, he joined the SJU Club Running. There is no expectation on how far or fast you run, which is something Charlie thinks is nice. You also have the freedom to choose the workouts you want to do. A big plus, according to Charlie, is that you will get a singlet and the chance to buy some cool club gear.

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