Grace Kenny is a sophomore Communications major at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. She plans on changing her major to Education because she loves helping out children. She is from Freehold, New Jersey which is about an hour and a half away from Saint Joe’s.

Grace decided to attend Saint Joe’s because she really loved the campus. She also appreciated the location of the school being that it is part city and part suburbs. The location is perfect for her to get the best of both worlds. 

During her first two years in college, Grace has learned a few things about herself. Grace spent a total of 6 weeks in isolation due to multiple Covid-19 exposures so she had a lot of time to think to herself. The pandemic made her realize that she wanted to pursue an education major because it became clear to her that the communications career path wasn’t for her. Her six total weeks in isolation was an extremely challenging time. She spent so much time by herself that at times she felt lonely. Fortunately, she used her time in isolation to decide to do things for her enjoyment rather than to fulfill certain people’s expectations. 

Grace has a few hobbies. She loves to draw and she grows plants. Drawing acts as a form of stress relief for her. She typically likes to draw her friends and the scenery around her. Grace has been fascinated with growing plants since she was little. As a child, she would help her mother maintain the garden. She currently is growing catnip, basil and tomato plants and plans to grow more herbs in the future. 

Ideally, after Grace graduates she sees herself becoming a teacher. Grace recognizes the importance of education and wants to help develop the minds of the youth. 

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