By: Pat Taddei

Whether you’re a student athlete, involved with clubs on campus, or just feel overwhelmed; you have a lot to deal with as a college student. You always hear about how much free time you have in college but some may be asking, “What free time?” Here are some tips to stay organized for your hectic day.

Alex Anderson, SJU hockey player, knows that he has to stay on top of his work to stay on the ice.


Probably the most important factor when it comes to being a college student. If you don’t have good time management skills, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. What some people like to do is get up early and start their day. Personally, I don’t start class until mid afternoon each day so I’ll get up around 7:30, work out, get ready for my day and go to the library in the mornings. People who stay on top of their day from the start of the day are the ones you don’t see stressing over every little thing. 


Although there is no P.E. class in college, working out will help you stay focused. If you build into your schedule a certain time to workout, you will know what you’re going to have to do and prepare yourself mentally for the rest of your day. Exercise is also a great option instead of caffeine. Instead of grabbing the next cup of coffee, why not go for a run or get after it in the gym.


Having a virtual and real planner that is color coded can help you stay on top of what needs to get done.

Many scientists argue that the world will always return to a state of chaos, and that is true for many college students. Some students thrive on chaos and love the thrill but that is not always a good thing. If a student were to return to a messy dorm room, they most likely will let that mentality transfer over to their school work. If students were to keep their rooms clean, they would have a good mentality for organization in other aspects of their life. If you have a clear space, you will have a clear mind which will lead to success


Here at St. Joes, we have a great outlet for staying organized called the Student Success Center. They help students with academics, emotional issues, and family problems. SJU wants to see its students do well in their endeavors, so this program helps their students get the push they need to not only stay organized, but stay motivated.

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