As busy college students, we all know how stressful and overwhelming our lives can get. Having responsibilities, school work, social life, and even sports practices, students have to create a balance. This is why students must take small breaks so your brain can relax and distress. Some students like to go to Saxby’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Einstein Bagels to drink coffee or eat a snack during their breaks. Stressful and long day’s lead students to go to bed without doing any extracurricular activities. We encourage Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) students to explore off-campus and go with their friends to get a break from schoolwork and have fun together. SoulCycle is the best place to relieve stress as well as getting a great workout! “You can attend SoulCycle by yourself or even with a group of friends, SoulCycle is a great opportunity for me to escape my stress while having a great workout”, Meghan Prince, SJU sophomore, stated. Class times range from a 6 am Rooster Ride to a 6:30 pm Night Party and every class is 45 minutes.

The Ardmore Studio- a 10-minute drive from campus!
Photo by Julia Skalicky

Furthermore, the best part about Soul Cycle is that its location is 10 minutes away from campus. Moreover, since the start of our school year SoulCycle has created a 10% price decrease for students who attend Saint Joseph’s University or surrounding universities. In addition, prices for students were previously $30 but they are now $20 which means they can be more affordable for college students. This would be a great motivation to go and share your break time with your friends. A Puerto Rican student from SJU, Isabelle Sanchez, said: “You are trying to create your own safe zone and focus on what you have to work through. However, it is a fun time to have someone that challenges you by thinking you have a competition.” It shows how people can be motivated by each other, have fun and have a positive and relaxing mind. Another Puerto Rican student from SJU, Andrea Martinez, stated “Going with my group of friends it’s a new, different and challenging experience that makes me get out of this place with a fresh mind.” Students are able to take a quick break in between classes or studying for tests! SoulCycle is the best option if you are looking for a soul-filled study break! 

The SoulCycle studio is filled with bright yellow colors and pictures of friends!
Photo by Julia Skalicky

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