Saxbys Coffee obtains the slogan of “Make life better” and they have done exactly that for Saint Joseph’s students.

Saxby’s Coffee, located in Campion. Taken by Rebecca Downing

Many of you have probably heard of, or seen, the Saxbys Coffee located here on campus. The cafe is a great place to sit down, relax and study. In addition to this, Saxby’s is a prime place to study place for students. If students would rather have some background noise when studying, then Saxby’s is the right place. Right outside of Saxby’s there are many tables for students to sit down and do their work. You can always find some music playing in the background to create a very friendly and uplifting working environment. They offer amazing work opportunities. Three of the company’s values are, “team development, community leadership, and financial management.” Not only do they offer students a place to work, the company helps students grow in these fields before they go off to the real world post graduation.

This cafe is completely student run. Every barista and host is a student. Saxbys is also a part of the Haub School of Business Co-Op program at Saint Joe’s University. What does this mean? Each semester there is a new “Student CEO.” This student has the opportunity to run the cafe completely on their own. The student spends a whole semester growing in work experience rather than taking classes. 

A Saxby’s Latte. Taken by Rebecca Downing

This semester’s CEO is Max Milano. Milano started off as a barista.  He loves being a barista, yet he was eager to get even more involved with the company.  Not only does he hold this position, he decided to take online classes as well. Milano’s daily schedule is packed, but he would not change a thing about it.  He enjoyed getting to know his colleagues and his customers. You can find him at the cafe from opening till closing time (7PM – 6PM ) with a friendly smile on his face. 

What is the CEO’s favorite drink?

Milano enjoys a “black and white latte.”A latte includes 2 shots of espresso and milk. This specialty latte has dark chocolate, vanilla, and white chocolate mixed into it. He recommends this drink to each of his customers.

How long has he been involved with Saxbys? 

Max started off as a barista in the Fall of 2018 and is holding position as CEO for the fall 2019 semester. 

What is new at Saxbys right now?

In honor of the fall season, Pumpkin spice is now here. In addition to this, the cafe also offers oat milk, vegan eggs, overnight oats, and other delicious treats. There is something for every student at Saxby’s so come stop by and get a treat!

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