Overwhelmed with too much school work?? Unsure of where the best studying spots on campus are?? Well, wonder no more!! Here is your SJU campus guide on where to be at all hours of the day, for almost guaranteed silence!

7:00 am – Caffeine Kick

Start your silent studying day off right with a morning walk over to Dunkin Donuts. Grab your favorite breakfast sandwich and a large coffee and you will be on your way to having a productive day.

7:30 – Lets Get Started

First stop is at the one and only Haubs School of Business. Mandeville Hall ~ open to all majors ~ is the perfect place to start off your day of silent studying. Explore the different floors and find your favorite spot. If in need of any suggestions, try an empty first floor classroom. The chairs are fun to sit in and the [kiosk] is just a short walk down the hallway if ever in need of snack!

9:30 am – Getting Antsy

Ever heard of Bronstein Hall? Well it may just become your new “hiding spot”. Just a short walk down Lapsley Lane, Bronstein is the home for all Communication majors but is welcoming to anyone in need of a comfortable and quiet place to study.  A super cute, white house. Renovated to accommodate any study habits.


12:00 pm – Hungry for a Study Break

Now that you’ve gotten some good hours in of studying, it’s time to reward yourself with an Einstein lunch. Maybe all you need a large smoothie pick-me-up? Or maybe you’re feeling a bagel sandwich with a refreshing bottle of water? If not Einsteins, you can also head to the fishbowl inside of Campion. Either way, one of them can become your easy go-to for lunch and a perfect transition into another studying spot. 


12:30 pm – Refreshed and Ready

What many people don’t know is that Merion Hall is filled with rooms available to be rented out, for absolutely guaranteed studying privacy. All you have to do is register online and it’s all yours!


2:00 pm – Time to Befriend an Art Major

Unknown by many is the creative space of Toland Hall. If you are ever in need of some artistic vibes, just ask your newly found ~ art major ~ friend to swipe you into the building. Filled with stools and easels, this place will always be good for a change in studying scenery.


4:30 pm – Find the Hidden Gem Across the Bridge

Found in the most central freshman dorm building, the fifth floor of McShain Hall is the perfect place to get a nice view of campus and hours of silent studying. Hopefully you’re currently living in McShain and have easy access to it, but if you’re like most students at SJU and are not that lucky, now is the time to use your sneaky detective skills and find your way in. Hide behind a bush, beg a stranger to sign you in and convince the front desk attendant. Basically do whatever you have to do because you do not want to miss out on this spot.

7:00 pm – Did you know Campion has a third floor?

Congratulations! You have now completed twelve hours of silent studying. Half way there and you’re still standing. Now you’re probably in desperate need of a little break and there is a place calling for you ~ DB!! Go grab a nice hawk wrap or even subway sandwich and head up two flights of stairs to the third floor in Campion. Unknown to many is an open area above the Forum Theater where all are welcome any time of the day. Hidden, quiet and relaxing.

9:00 pm – Time for a Change of Scenery

Home of Campus Ministry, Wolfington Hall can be found directly next to the chapel. If you’re ever in need of a nap, quiet room or reflective conversation, make your way up to the third floor. On your way out, make sure to stop into the kitchen for some water and a good snack because you’ve still got some studying to do.


12:00 am – Midnight Adventure

Only seven more hours to go and you’re almost finished with all your school work! Find your next studying spot on a couch in the Science Center. Comfy and private, this area will allow you to channel your research-based thinking. Focus in on your English Paper, Biology Lab Report or Communications Blog post.


3:00 am – Search for the Highest Point on Campus

As one of SJUs most confusing buildings to navigate through, Barbeline Hall holds some of the most private and unique rooms on campus. Go into the building and simply continue to walk up stairs and you will find yourself lost in a maze of the “third floor”. Something very different than a generic classroom scene but so easily accessible.


5:00 am – Working Through the Last Two Hours

With just two more hours to go until you’re officially finished with all your school work, now is the time for you to visit your favorite go-to study spot. Where ever you feel most comfortable and relaxed is where you need to be. Finish these last few hours strong!! You can do it!! Almost there!!


7:00 am – Crossing the Finish Line

So now you’ve come to the end of your long day of getting work done. 24 full hours of almost guaranteed silent studying and now you’re done. Hopefully, this across campus guide to unique studying spots has allowed you to see different places in new and innovative ways! Even though this 24 hours process is not reasonable to do every day, just remembering two or three of these special spots on campus for a few hours a day can become beneficial in a long term practice. Remember ~ even if the library is filled in every room with people, it doesn’t mean you have no place for silent studying. All it takes is a little creativity and innovation to provide so many new opportunities. Happy studying everyone!!




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